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Overdentures are dentures that go over a tooth, a root, or an implant. By resting on top of a tooth, root, or implant, an overdenture can be more retentive. Often a denture can be made to go over a dental implant and attach to the dental implant. This will allow increased comfort due to lack of denture movement and also increased confidence in knowing that the denture will not move. Overdentures look just as natural as full mouth and immediate dentures, but offer the added bonus of not moving around. Take a look at some of the photos. The illustrate how the overdentures have a retentive mechanism within the underside of the denture.

Case Study 1

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This patient presented wearing a lower partial denture.  The only teeth that he had remaining were his canines.  He was unhappy with the fit, feel, and looks of his partial.  The canine teeth also had some cavities.   After much discussion, this patient elected to have root canals preformed on both of his remaining lower teeth.  After the root canal was completed, semi-precision attachments called root locators were placed and cemented into the root canal space.  These attachments allowed for a mechanical attachment between the remaining residual roots and his new lower overdenture.  With this attachment, the patient’s lower denture will remain more secure and is less likely to get food under the denture.


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