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Immediate dentures are dentures that are placed immediately following removal of a tooth or teeth. If one is on the verge of loosing some or all of their natural dentition, an immediate denture is a great option. Immediate dentures allow replacement teeth to be placed the same day of the extraction. Unlike conventional full mouth dentures, fabrication of immediate dentures does not allow one to try-in the tooth set up before the dentures are fully fabricated.

Immediate dentures can not be placed into the correct position until the tooth/teeth is/are removed. Without those try-in steps, careful attention to detail must occur to gather the information needed for a successful result. Often times a patient my have a canted or off-centered midline in their natural teeth. With careful planning, many of these individual nuances can be corrected in the final immediate denture. Take a look at how careful planning resulted in a beautiful immediate denture smile.

Case Study 1

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Carla’s case was complicated as she had no opposing teeth that touched. Many of her teeth hurt, and she was not able to eat well enough to sustain proper nutrition. Her existing teeth were extracted and full upper and lower dentures were custom fitted for her. The result changed not only her smile, but her life, as well.

Case Study 2

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Martha came to us with periodontal disease on her lower teeth and learned that she would be losing them all. She had an existing upper denture with such short teeth that they never showed when she smiled. She had her lower teeth extracted and a new set of custom fitted upper and lower dentures were made. After years of avoiding a camera due to her displeasure with her previous smile, she feels like she finally has something to smile about!

Case Study 3

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Ryan leads a busy lifestyle with a young family. Her teeth were compromised due to health complications as a child. She had always dreamed of a healthy, beautiful smile. After restoring all of her teeth, Ryan can’t quit smiling!


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