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Full mouth dentures are considered conventional removable prosthodontics.  Literally millions of people have full mouth dentures.  Full mouth dentures replace all of the teeth in one’s mouth.  They afford patients the ability to replace broken down, failing teeth with a complete set of beautiful, white, and straight teeth all at one time.  Below are some cases illustrating how transformational full mouth dentures can be to a smile.  These transformations happen over a few appointments where Dr. Roe will study the smile to determine exactly where the teeth should best be positioned for both beauty and function.  This particular type of treatment also afford the patient the ability to choose the teeth that they like the most and also see the setup before the denture is completely fabricated.  Smile transformations shown below are not accidental.  They are an intentional collaboration between the patient and the provider.  With clear conversation and careful attention to detail, smile transformations such as these such as these can easily occur.

Case Study 1

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Delbert’s existing upper and lower denture caused him several problems. His dentures were moving around a lot, and he was not able to bite evenly on either side. A new traditional upper denture was custom made and implants were placed under his lower denture for a secure hold. The results were a precise bite along with esthetics that show his upper and lower teeth when he smiles.

Case Study 2

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Of all the things that Dana is passionate about, everyone would agree she is happiest when she is talking and laughing with her friends and family. With a new upper denture and lower implant-supported overdenture, she feels beautiful and confident, and her new youthful smile just lights up the room!

Case Study 3

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Barbara presented with an all-too-common story. She had an existing set of dentures that she did not wear. She stated that they were terribly uncomfortable and she had not worn them for months. The dentures felt too large in her mouth and she desired to have teeth that functioned just as good as they looked. After a number of appointments, Barbara received her new set of custom dentures. These dentures were made to fit her mouth exactly. In addition to looking great, Barbara is able to now have comfort in chewing.

Case Study 4

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Delores was introduced to North Dallas Denture Center via our community interaction with Attitudes and Attire ~ a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting personal growth for women seeking self sufficiency. She presented without any remaining upper teeth and only a few lower teeth. Her lack of teeth impacted her ability to smile and adversely effected her confidence when searching for employment. A custom maxillary full mouth denture and mandibular partial allowed her to find the perfect smile. With a new smile, Delores’s confidence was restored. A bright and beautiful new smile is truly life changing!


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