Denture Repair


When your denture breaks, you need it repaired by a specialized dentist. Dr. Jason Roe, DDS is a board certified Prosthodontist that can make the repair for you. We are a same-day denture repair office in Dallas, Texas.

What Causes a Denture to Break?

It’s not uncommon for your dental appliance to have a fracture or eventually need to be repaired. There are many reasons your denture can break. This happens when:

  • The upper and lower arch are not evenly aligned
  • The prosthetic doesn’t fit your mouth and you bite down on it when you chew
  • You drop it in the sink or on the floor
  • It has worn out and become thin over time
  • Your pet chews on it

Can You Fix a Broken Denture?

Depending on the damage of your denture, it can be repaired. For example, if it simply breaks in half, it can be put back together. However, if you drop it and it shatters, it may or may not be fixable. You’ll need to schedule an appointment to be seen. Dr. Roe will look at your denture and let you know the best options for your situation.

We do not recommend that you glue your denture back together. This could make it impossible for us to make the repair.

Do You Offer Same Day Denture Repair?

We have an in house lab that allows us to repair most breaks while you wait. If you have a complicated break, we can send it out to a local lab and have it back within a few days. Should you need a new denture made, we will either use the teeth from your existing appliance if possible. However, if we can’t use what you already have, we can match the teeth.

Call us Today For Service

Don’t wait to call us if your denture breaks. We’ll get you scheduled just as soon as possible. The staff here at North Dallas Denture Center is ready to take your call and help you right away. We look forward to hearing from you.