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Dental crowns and bridges are often considered conventional fixed prosthodontics.  They are conventional in that crowns and bridges have been used to restore and replace teeth for over 100 years.  Crowns and bridges allow the dentist to strengthen the tooth and, at the same time, change the contour, bite, and color of the tooth.  Take a look at some before and after photos that illustrate how crowns and bridges can transform a smile!

Case Study 1

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View Our Gallery

Anna immigrated to the US in 1975 from the Soviet Union. She had recurring trouble with her existing bridgework and wanted spaces closed between her front teeth. She had a few hopeless teeth extracted, individual implants placed to restore missing teeth, and porcelain crowns were made for all remaining teeth to correct the problems with wear and tear from traumatic occlusion and uneven spacing. At the end of her treatment, Anna was delighted with the results. With her bright new smile, she and her granddaughter were off to Italy.


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