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Clasp-less partials are just as the name describes–partials without any metal clasps. Although they are not an option for everyone or in all cases, some partial dentures have the opportunity to be made without any metal clasps. These types of partial dentures receive their retention from components fixed into or along the side of existing teeth. These components are titled precision attachments. The precision attachments allows for a connection between one’s remaining teeth and the new partial denture. The attachment is usually hidden within the new partial denture.

Clasp-less partial dentures are among the most esthetic partial dentures and can result in some of the most natural smiles. If you’re concerned about being able to see the metal partial denture clasps in your smile, take a look at some of these cases. The same always holds true–your case is specific and unique, but these cases will give you an idea of how the retentive mechanism of the partial denture can be hidden.

Case Study 1

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Ms. H presented with an ill-fitting, unaesthetic top denture and missing teeth on the bottom.  She desired to have a much improved smile.  One of her concerns for wearing a lower partial was the metal clasps.  A treatment plan was developed to utilize a clasp-less partial.  Her partial consisted of a small metal plunger attachment locking into the back side of one of her teeth.  On the opposite side an ERA attachment was used.  Look closely at the pictures and you will not find any metal clasps.  Even more remarkable is this fact:  In the absence of these clasps, her partial denture still had no movement.  She was very thrilled with the final results.


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